Appropå Gretzky och Tennis...

Eftersom jag nämt denne man i tidigare inlägg här så tyckte jag det här va en kul artikel;

Gretzky suffers knee injury from playing tennis

Turns out, Wayne Gretzky is human after all.

The NHL legend admitted as much yesterday morning at Father David Bauer Arena, just moments before hitting the ice with female hockey star Hayley Wickenheiser and 15 contest-winning kids.

"Unfortunately, I'm not going to skate too much. I just had my knee scoped a couple weeks ago," Gretzky said. "I'll be able to get out there, stand around and pass the puck, but ...

"I played 21 years and never got hurt and now that I'm retired, playing tennis, I hurt my knee. Tennis is a very physical, demanding sport."

Hela artikeln;


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